Zong Customers Entitled to Bykea Discounts

Press Release: In a partnership agreement between ride-hailing app Bykea and Zong4G, the telecom operator users will now get access to exclusive discounts. The collaboration was brought to life through Zong 4G’s provision of first free ride for the new users by using the discount code ‘ZONGFREE’.

Existing customers can benefit from this partnership too by hailing a bike ride with 35% discount on next 5 rides, they can avail this service by entering the discount code ‘ZONG4G’.

All Zong subscribers with number prefixes of 0310 – 0317 can avail this promo code. Additionally, the ride hailing service discount can only be availed for “Sawari/Ride” option only.

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Wherever Zong 4G’s customers are headed, whether it’s office or nearest restaurant, Zong 4G’s seamless connectivity can enable the customers to use bike hailing without worrying about the connectivity to reach their desired destination.

Adding exceptional value for more than 30 million subscribers, the company is going an extra mile through collaboration with various national and international industry leaders as well as startups to continue enabling a digital lifestyle and deliver amazing experiences to Zong 4G’s customers.

This new exciting partnership with Bykea is in line with Zong 4G’s passion to lead the digital innovation for development of Pakistan and enhancing the digital lifestyle of the dwellers.