Zong 4G Enters Fiber Optic Internet Services Market


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Date: 12/8/2019

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Zong 4G becomes first mobile operator to launch Fiber Optic internet in Pakistan

Author: Muhammad Muneef Rizvi

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Meta description: Zong 4G have become the first mobile operator in Pakistan to launch Fiber Optic Internet service called Zong Fiber as a way to revolutionize the current model of an internet experience.


Zong 4G has recently announced itself as the first mobile operator in the country to launch a Fiber Optic Internet connection.

As a Data Network provider, Zong 4G wishes to launch the Fiber Optic Internet connection to provide a fast internet connection to provide a direct to home fiber optic internet service. This service is acknowledged by the company as Zong Fiber. Zong Fiber’s new internet service will connect homes across the country with fiber-to-the-home internet. This service will revolutionize and revamp the current model of the internet experience in the country by implementing a service that’s been used commonly around the world.

At the launch of the service, Wang Hua who currently serves as the Chairman and CEO said:

“This development is a tremendous milestone for us. ZONG Fiber allows us to directly deliver the fastest internet to our valued customers’ homes. We have always endeavored to bring new digital experiences to the lives of our customers. Our objective of people empowerment only strengthens our commitment to provide sustainable and top-of-the-line internet technology to the people of Pakistan”.

According to the company, they will organize and conduct a 2-day launch event in Karachi where the Zong Fibre service will be inaugurated. Initially, the service will only be available in certain areas of Karachi. They have also incentivized this service by providing free installation costs for the first 100 connections.