CEO Zaheen Machines Hosts PM’s Task Force Meeting


Zaheen Machines is a startup that aims to make legacy homes more comfortable, automated and energy efficient. Their main product is Jal Bhuj that reduces the gas consumption of the common geyser.

Zia Imran, the CEO of Zaheen Machines recently held a meeting with the Prime Minister’s IT sub Task force to make recommendations to government on increasing IT exports and creating more jobs. The meeting took place last week, where the discussion revolved around challenges and opportunities in the local ICT space, and how stakeholders need to contribute towards the increase of IT exports and the industry at large.

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Overall, the aim behind these recommendations by CEO Zaheen Machines was to particularly promote the use of Internet of Things, encourage hardware, electric cars, batteries, systems production, use and export. Industry experts who are working on the above mentioned niches were also invited to join him at the meeting. Some of the topics that were discussed with the task force include:

  • What is coming in the way of domestic manufacture of hardware?
  • What policy changes need to be implemented? What issues are you facing?
  • What can be done in short term, medium term and long term to support you?
  • What can we do to establish next generation of hardware-based industries (electric cars, li-ion batteries) in Pakistan?
  • What incentives we will need to provide to traditional players, for example lead-acid battery manufacturers to convert over to invest in li-ion production locally?
  • How can we encourage traditional electric machinery (think electric fans, motors, and transformers) to up the game by using electronic controls, IoT, AI and take them to next level?
  • What can we do to encourage our hardware manufactures to be more innovative instead of just importing kits and assembling them?

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