2 Students From NUST Launch Service To Connect Requesters To Travelers

Two students from NUST launch a service for Pakistani families to be connected to travelers going abroad to ship their goods to their loved ones in another country and vice versa through their startup known as Yneer Lounge

Growing up in Pakistani households, we all have experienced the joy of requesting a friend or family member to get us something from abroad, on their flight back home. Countless Pakistani mothers, with utmost happiness send stuff to their children settled overseas, via friends and family who’re traveling. However, the problem remains that most people don’t have many friends and family members traveling often and that too to a specific country and with the required amount of unused luggage space.

One of the growing problems that Pakistani families face is that families here do not have many friends and family members traveling often to a specific country and hence, they struggle to find a way to give food or other items to their loved ones in a different country. With a lack of people to search and for and a constrained amount of lluggage space to cater to, this process has become increasingly troublesome. Hence, two students from NUST have launched a startup that connects requesters to travelers.

Yneer is a start-up that enables people to send items abroad, or to get something from overseas with the help of travellers. Yneer helps Pakistanis to go beyond the conventional route of asking they’re their friends and family circle to send or receive products. Yet, it functions on the sharing economy model. In which requesters save up to 45 per cent on shipping costs, travellers share their excess luggage space and earn rewards. Yneer charges a fee on each transaction. This is a proposing mode for all parties i.e requesters and the travellers. Yneer has currently providing their services to small businesses in sending their products to their overseas customers. They have also been helping individuals and companies with sourcing various products from overseas.

The startup was started by two students from NUST, Khursand Shakeel and Maha Naeem who started this start-up while still in their university programs. The startup was incubated at National Incubation Center in Islamabad and used its platform to grow and expand their services. Yneer already has a dedicated community as one of the priorities for the founders was to focus on community building.

They created a Facebook group known as Yneer Lounge which is a budding community of people who are either traveling to and from Pakistan or want to send or receive items. Yneer has generated a positive response in a large extend and the startup has been commended for their smooth experience, hassle free service and reliability.