New Year, New Mi! Xiaomi’s Weeklong MiFest 2018


Brands from all over look at using the new year as an opportunity to further increase sales and provide its users with a multitude of discounts and offers. Users from around Pakistan look favorably upon these offers and hence shop in bulk which would further increase the sales of the brand they are purchasing from. As a successful marketing strategy for everyone involved, Xiaomi Pakistan are providing their customers with arguably one of the best offers in this season with the launch of MiFest.


MiFest 2018 is a weeklong scheme that offers a multitude of discounts and offers on every day of the week. Each offer is unique of the other and is not repeated which further draws intrigue as to the products that they are offering on a particular day. MiFest 2018 will start from January 10 and will go uptil January 16. Mi Pakistan, whose parent company is Xiaomi Pakistan, label this offer as the proper way to begin the festivities of the new year and hence are offering a wide array of discounts.

The first deal of MiFest included Mi A1 Red with free Mi Piston Basic hands-free. Dubbing this offer as a ‘flash sale’, the offer was up between 6-10pm on 10th January 2018. On each subsequent day, the flash sale will open at 6:00pm. Hence, keeping this nature of the sale in mind, interested users need to continuously monitor the pages for Xiaomi Pakistan and Mi Pakistan in order to be update with the offers at hand.

Alongside this model, Mi Pakistan have also added diversity in to this scheming by categorizing each day for one specific category of products. These categories would include: Fitness Day, Music Day, MiEco Fest, MiRed Launch, Shades of Gray and MiFest Open days. They have also used this as an opportunity to kickstart the launch of a new branch of products with the MiRed Launch. Further description of these categories is provided on their website.

Xiaomi Pakistan has also collaborated with So all products are available for purchase from the Daraz online store, as well as directly from the Mi Store as well.