Electric kits for Bikes Developed by Technology Firm in Pakistan

Electrical kits for 70cc till 125cc have been introduced in Pakistan on which the company was working from last three years. the aim of the policy is to reduce environmental pollution and making vehicles more eco-friendly.
Considering the approval of electric vehicle policy in the heart of Pakistan, Lahore, businessmen are seeking it as an opportunity to flourish their business by being the first mover. A company based on domestic technology introduced electric kits for local bikes recognizing it as convenient and cheap.
Briefing the media about the product, they appreciated the electrical and technological evolution in Pakistan while the electric kit is easy to use for 70cc and 125cc bikes.
“It is a readymade solution designed for the local two-wheelers and can be used in second hand as well as new bikes,” said Jolta Electric co-founder Raheel Iqbal while talking to The Express Tribune.
He briefed the media that the company had been working on electric kits for three years, however now the company is recognized as the first one to design and produce e-bikes locally. The bikes will not have any oil pasta like oil chain, gear or lever as it would run on electrical energy.
AUJ technologies is a sister concern of the company responsible for producing all parts of e-bikes like battery system and chargers based locally although the engine has to be imported.
Simultaneously it is planning to produce electric cycles and similar kits for rickshaw and cars as well.
On estimate, there are around 20 million bikes on roads od Pakistan having 70cc segment. However, the company is seeking to at least share 30% of the concerned segment by 2030.
The electric vehicles can be environmentally friendly, however, it is essential to construct a proper infrastructure by the stakeholder that includes charging stations to support the initiative.
However, the current stakeholders in the automobile sector have expressed their dismay over the policy as they feel they have been ignored while preparing the final draft of the policy.
Following the policy the company aims to reduce the monthly bike expenses to Rs1000, considering the vehicle is running on the average speed.
“Charging will erode faster if the driver drives the motorbike at a higher speed,” he said. “The ideal speed will be 40 km per hour and this will give a mileage of around 80 km in a single charge.”
The battery charging will take around seven hours, according to officials of the company. “The price of an electric kit is Rs55,000 for 70cc and Rs85,000 for 125cc bikes,” he added.