Pakistan Wins Big @ APICTA 2018

Pakistani startups win 1 Gold Medal and 6 Merit Awards at the Asia Pacific ICT Alliance Awards held in Guangzhou China on the 14th of October 2018


Every year the winners at the P@SHA ICT awards are trained by the software house association for Asia Pacific ICT Alliance Awards (APICTA). This time around 5 startups from the tech incubator Nest I/O made it to the awards being held in Guangzhou China.

The results for the APICTA were announced on the 14th of October 2018, and like every year the Pakistani startups shined bright. The startups went on to win 1 Gold Medal and 6 Merit Awards. The gold medal went to Avanza Solution’s product Cipher, Jenny Cheung had presented the company as Waqas wasn’t able to make it to China.

Furthermore, the merit awards were won by Azima Dhanjee of Connect Hear, Mubariz Siddiqui of Wukla, Awais Imran of Price Oye. Keep Trucking, Fruges, and Fly Mail also won the merti award at the APICTA, there awards were collected by Syed Ali Bilal.

All the nominees were mentored and trained by Jawwad Farid, Dr. Shoab Khan, and Sultan Hamdani.

Jehan Ara, speaking on the occasion commented on her social media “Every year we work hard to mentor and train winners of the P@SHA ICT Awards and nominate them for APICTA. The Teams put in a lot of effort in preparation for the APICTA knowing full well that they are representing not only their companies but also Pakistan. Each year the teams raise the flag high and make us proud. This year Guangzhou it has been no different. Although we had a much smaller team this year due to budgetary constraints, tonight Team Pakistan won Gold and 6 Merit Awards – amazing results.”