Celebrating World Selfie Day!


Taking selfies has become common these days, everywhere one looks someone or the other is engaging in the act of taking a selfie, be it on a wedding, at a vacation or when one meets a celebrity. The selfie phenomenon has become so widespread that even high end mobile phone brands are focusing on introducing the best front camera for their consumers to have the picture perfect selfie.

In fact, Oxford Dictionaries accredited this as the word of the year in 2013. Over the last few years, the term has evolved from a niche social media tag to a mainstream term for a self-portrait photograph, according to the editors.

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These self portraits have become so common and dear to everyone that now there is even an official World Selfie Day I.e. 21st June 2018. Interesting fact, did you even though selfies are quite a new phenomenon and mostly taken by the new generation, the first ever selfie that was clicked was in 1893. Tribune reports that according to The Public Domain Review, the chemist and photography enthusiast Robert Cornelius from Philadelphia was the first person in the world to have taken a photograph of himself.

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In the last few years many selfies have gone viral, be it a perfectly timed selfie of the social media queen Kim Kardashian, or the Oscar worthy selfie of Ellen DeGeneres or the hilarious ones we keep seeing on platforms such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Not to mention Snapchat has always played an important part in promoting selfies with their various fun filters that keep users busy for hours!

So how did you celebrate the World selfie day? By snapping the perfect one or looking at the amazing selfies online?


Image source: Playbuzz