Work in Progress: Smart Agriculture Policy by Pakistani Government

Agriculture is a big part of Pakistan, as it constitutes for a major chunk of our economy with the majority of the population directly or indirectly dependent on the sector. Agriculture contributes to about 24% of the GDP of the country and employees about half of the labor force.

The Government is now focusing on implement smart agriculture policies in the country but climate change remains a major hindrance, according to Minister for National Food Security and Research Sikandar Hayat Khan Bosan. Speaking at the third ‘International Conference on Agriculture, Food Security and Bio-technology, Khan said that only through the collaborative efforts we can achieve the golden era for agricultural development. Modern techniques and biotechnology is to be implemented within the agricultural sector.

He also said,

“The Ministry of National Food Security and Research will continue to help to boost sustainable agricultural development in collaboration with all stakeholders. Through the exchange of our young scientists between partner countries, the country can achieve its goals.”

The Prime Minister is also very keen on the development in agriculture and an amount of Rs20 billion has allocated for the betterment of the farmers.