Woman Can Do @ FJWU: Empowering the Young Women of Pakistan


The Women Can DO (WDC) is an initiative by Shaoor that aims to mentor, train, and enhance the capacity for education and awareness of the young Pakistani women. In 2015, the WDC project  reached out to over 4000 women beneficiaries of twelve public universities in 9 major districts of Pakistan through women entrepreneurship capacity enhancement program in collaboration with large number of social activists, women leaders, entrepreneurs, certified trainers who inspired, motivated and trained the young Pakistani women from under-serviced and developed towns of Pakistan.

For its second part, WomenCanDo aims to bring training, capacity enhancement and linkages development projects that are focused on 12 major public women universities and 6 large-scale female religious seminaries nationwide.

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The two partners for WCD include: SFEA that is to take lead in on-campus entrepreneurial training and capacity enhancement in universities and madrassahs, bringing stakeholders one platform and smooth execution while National Incubation Center would help develop the virtual incubators, provide mentorship to staff and advanced incubation to students.

The WCD is to take place from the 19th of March to 21st March 2018 at the Fatima Jinnah Women University (FJWU). On the first day of the conference,  around 350 beneficiaries were briefed about the project mandate and roadmap. The Executive Director of SFEA Syed Ali Hameed also shared the organizational ideology and history, where he ensured the students for continuous support through the sustainable virtual incubator established at FJWU by team Women Can Do-II.

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WCD-II included guest speakers from the National Incubation Center, where Cynia Ejaz, Community Manager at NIC Islamabad, enlightened students about the working of NIC and what they can achieve from its collaboration with SFEA for Women Can Do-II. Aneela Fatima from WCCI (Women Chamber of Commerce and Industry) talked about how chamber can facilitate these aspiring entrepreneurs with their startup ideas.

Furthermore, Mr. Talha Azher lead trainer of WCD-II conducted a training based on the manuals specially designed by subject specialists and WCD-II’s team for its beneficiaries.