WhatsApp To Bring In New Features – Screenshot Notification Is Not One Of Them

One’s go-to messaging app these days is none other than WhatsApp Messenger. Everyone uses it, many have tried competing with it but WhatsApp has remained on its messaging throne.

Over the year we have seen many features that have been added to the messaging app, such as voice and video calls etc.

Although WhatsApp seems to be not just stopping there; there are new updates on the way. Recently it was ‘reported’ that WhatsApp will be notifying people whenever somebody takes a screenshot of their chat. The false news, took to the internet like wildfire but soon the officials at WhatsApp released a statement that they are doing no such thing, laying all the rumors to rest.

Some of the updates that are to come to WhatsApp (for real this time) include the text messaging giant is to let people track their friends in real time. Through the WhatsApp Live Location Tracking feature friends will be enabled to track live location of each other for impromptu get-togethers. However to use the feature is to remain off until the users decide to turn it on.

This feature is currently in its beta testing mode, and will be able for both Android and iOS.

Another WhatsApp update that is in works is letting people edit or delete their messages, but this feature will only be for unread messages. It is also said to be in its beta mode along with the other update.