WhatsApp Introduces Unsend Message Feature and New Shortcuts

WhatsApp will soon roll out  new beta version which will let users to recall or unsend embarrassing messages. This new feature will ease the minds of people and reduce the panic they gone through after sending texts by mistakes. WhatsApp Introduces Unsend Message Feature and New Shortcuts.

This new feature will let users delete a message from the receivers phone if it is yet to be read. This new unsend message feature is currently being tested on the beta version of WhatsApp’s next update. This feature will also have ability to edit the sent messages which are not read.

WhatsApp also plans to launch edit tools which will make it a lot easier to coordinate meeting a group of friends. There are rumors that the messaging App is introducing another feature which will let users reveal their moving location to friends. In this way they will be able to find one another easily.

This feature is called live location tracking that lets users show their movements to the friends within a group chat. WhatsApp is also testing other features in beta version such as it will let users reply to statuses soon. It will also let you report a spam.

WhatsApp focuses to add live features that will let users forget text messages such as video calling. The social media giant, WhatsApp has also added a feature that let users edit pictures. Like snapchat, this feature will also let draw on pictures.

Remember the time when you sent an unwanted message to your mother? WhatApp new Unsend feature is a blessing in disguise for many.