Ways To Effectively Use Your Smartphone’s Camera

One of the most essential features of the smartphone now is to make high quality photos out of the smartphone camera. In the latest Apple and Google models, they have enabled a software that will automatically enhance photos but users can now also take control to get their perfect shot.

Smartphone cameras have come a long way due to better and new lenses, robust processors and integrated computational photography software to process images behind the scenes. This focuses on scenes in low-light, no-flash situations etc. Therefore, various tips and tricks can be used to optimize the features of the camera. In order to fully use the zooming feature of the phone, various phones have at least two cameras for ultrawide and wide shots. In order to toggle between the cameras in Photo mode, select the .5x (ultrawide), 1x (wide) or 2x (telephoto) options like the iPhone 11 has for example. In Android, the Pixel 4 has a telephoto lens in addition to its main 1x camera. To manually zoom, tap the screen and move the slider, in which the Pixel 4 can zoom digitally up to 8x.

In order to shoot in Night mode, in an iPhone, the Night mode can be overridden by tapping the moon icon and using the on-screen slider to adjust the capture time. Aside of the Night mode, iPhone 11 models running at least iOS 13.2 have Deep Fusion, Apple’s machine-learning technology that captures nine versions of a shot in low to medium light and blends these pictures into one detailed photo. Google has its own low-light setting known as Night Sight. To use it on the Pixel 4, one can open the Camera app and select the Night Sight mode. Other features of Google’s Night Sight mode includes Astrophotography feature that captures long exposures of the night sky and can be used in Night Sight mode with the device in a tripod or on a stable surface.

One important use of the camera is to Fine-Tune Portraits and can be used on iPhone by selecting Portrait mode. On-screen instructions are provided to guide the user on framing a shot and apply lighting effects from the pop-up Portrait mode menu. Google made enhancements to the Portrait mode on Pixel 4 phones, which now have two cameras working the picture.