Virtual Reality Treadmill Experience Opens at Emporium Mall in Lahore  

Computerized Gaming has become one of the most popular hobbies for millennial in the past decade. As more mediums of gaming have become accessible to teenagers and young adults, virtual reality gaming is at the heart of this exponential growth in gamers in the past number of years. An artificially created three-dimensional environment, it results in more involvement of the gamer as they have more physical interaction with the game. As this has become more popular in Pakistan, a first-of-its-kind Virtual Reality gameplay has been introduced in Lahore which involves the use of a treadmill.

The Omni Virtuix Virtual Reality treadmill offers gamers to play video games while using the treadmill. The treadmill allows the user to either walk, tread or run around the treadmill which will reflect the motions of the user in the game.

This innovation completely revolutionizes the gameplay as it adds more options and features to the virtual reality experience. The user first has to wear specifically designed low friction shoes which senses the motion of the user. As the treadmill is used to monitor and stimulate motion, the speed of the movement of the treadmill dictates the speed of the player in the game. Therefore, the treadmill acts as a unique controller which allows the user liberties such as running or turning around.

The virtual reality experience is situated at the Fun Factory Park in Emporium Mall. The Fun Factory Park can be located on the first floor of the mall. Considering the booming market of virtual reality gaming in the global market, innovations such as these are much needed in the country as it provides more activities in the city while at the same time acts as a healthy way to spend a person’s leisure time. Hence, the virtual reality treadmill experience is prime to be a comdmercial success in Lahore.