Meshing in Virtual Reality Gaming in Pakistan

Meshing in Digital Reality: Virtual Reality Gaming in Pakistan

Virtual reality has recently been one of the most talked about topic in technology and gaming. Samsung came out with the virtual reality glasses allowing users to access their phones S6 onward to experience virtual reality. Long time coming, but Pakistan has taken things a bit further and is now on par with its international counterparts. Transfinity is Pakistan’s first Virtual Reality Gaming Hub where you can experience virtual reality in a way that was never possible before in Pakistan. The latest and immersive technology has been used to create environments that make you feel that you are in some other place. This offers you the ability to interact with what you can see and your movements affect what you see and with 360 degree vision and sound it really transports you into another universe.

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The other addition made to virtual reality gaming in Pakistan is also located in Lahore. The first ever Laser tag Arena was opened in Lahore where they offer this indoor game for everyone; people of all age groups can enjoy this and participate. This game requires the players to infrared-sensitive targets and the best part about this laser tag game is that this is not harmful for eyes or for the skin of the players. While it does not have any cons it definitely has pros since it is said to make you feel exhilarating.

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Perhaps the best thing about this is that even Karachi has some bit of this technology and has obtained it in the best way possible. The Place, which is famous for its Nueplex Cinemas, has another branch of the same. This is the only one in Karachi so far. The Lahore branch was launched last year and sees a great footfall with mostly youngsters and students flooding the gaming zone. However, the Karachi branch was launched only recently in August 2017 at The Place, DHA.

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Another notable development in this regard is that four girls from NED deployed laser tag at the Arena, Karachi. The players are given laser guns and jackets embedded with sensors. This detects when the player has been hit and lights up the jacket indicating the “health level”. Once the health level finishes the guns stop working automatically. The time tracking and game are all automated. Considering that the students developed this on their own using a small budget is what really sets this apart.


Video is sourced from TransfinityPK