Virtual MasterCard: EasyPaisa Pauses and UBL Enters

Virtual MasterCard: EasyPaisa Pauses and UBL Enters

EasyPaisa’s virtual debit card was the first of its kind in Pakistan. However, earlier this week, in a shocking news (to payment addicts mostly!), the banking force behind the app, Telenor Microfinance Bank said the virtual debit card was currently on paused. While questions on the legalities and alternatives came up, UBL announced its partnership with MasterCard to launch a virtual debit card.

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UBL has joined hands with MasterCard to create a carefree Online Shopping Experience with UBL Virtual Prepaid Card. The announcement came in on Tuesday from United Bank Limited. The new virtual debit card can easily be issued in less than 10 minutes from the comfort of your home and is designed specifically for internet use.

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Therefore, to take control of your spending limits and for more details, log on to the UBL Direct website and sign up now. Currently, the service is only available for UBL account holders. All terms and conditions applicable for the virtual debit card have been specified on the website. The website claims that all UBL Account holders can get their ‘UBL WIZ Virtual Prepaid Card’ instantly without any stacks of forms or documentation. For activation, you can also log on to UBL Netbanking or call UBL on 111-825-888 to get your UBL Virtual Prepaid Card today.

Like the EasyPaisa virtual card, the UBL Wiz Prepaid Card also lets you define your own limit. The balance loaded in the account or card will become the online spending limit so one can keep a tab on this. UBL says:

The ‘UBL WIZ Virtual Prepaid Card’ comes with the power of Mastercard, especially tailored for online purchases and payments. You can reload your virtual card as and when you want, without having to visit any Branch.