VEON Steps Foot in Pakistan

VEON app launch in Pakistan with Jazz

At a time where the popularity of messaging applications is at an all time high, on an international level, none have managed to accumulate praise as quickly as VEON. What seems like a conventional messaging application, it has set the international market ablaze with its universality and functionality. As the 6th largest mobile operator in the world, the network has been set up recently in places across the world. After successful launches in areas such as Ukraine and garnering much attention in the process, the company has finally made its way to Pakistan.

As the parent company for Jazz, VEON has always had some sort of say in the communication industry in Pakistan but have never truly dwelt into it. What makes VEON so revolutionary is its independence from any SIM or cellular connection- it can function by just downloading and using their application while just being charged on a conventional data charge. To state this phone would just act as a replacement to other messaging applications is an understatement. In the large haul, they aim to provide a space that offers the user all forms of features that they would commonly expect to find in multiple applications in one and essentially a one stop-solution to their preferences and interests.

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It offers the same features that any other messaging application would: messaging and calling in a group or private chat, ability to send multimedia messages and locations etc. However, it adds on to that with connecting the user to the social media and news which are based on the preferences and interests of the user-including songs and videos.

Representatives from VEON have gone on to state that

“This is just the beginning, as VEON’s capabilities expand, we expect our Pakistani customers to be able to do even more on our platform in the future including accessing financial services”

Although the future seems uncertain on the overall success of VEON which is dependent on the market in Pakistan, it certainly seems like an exciting time for the telecommunication market as they look towards a gigantic change in how we perceive this industry.

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VEON has managed to attract all telecommunications in a quest to partner up with VEON. Due to their immense popularity and high-end features, the company is also looking towards working alongside other Telecommunication Companies. Their current work alongside Jazz has managed to change the outlook of the company to a more Technology based company which shows as they now aim to get rid of the SIM card in the future.

VEON was officially launched in Pakistan yesterday with a grand ceremony held at the Expo Center, Lahore where senior representatives from the telecom, business, ICT and entertainment industry graced the event.