VentureDive Appoints New Leadership Team

VentureDive, is a leading technology solutions studios that has recently announced Shehzaad Nakhoda as their Chief Technology Officer, and Shakir Maniya as Director Service Delivery and Growth.

Shehzaad is also one of the co-founders of VentureDive and a veteran of the Silicon Valley. He has a career spanning 23 years, he has observed, enabled and participated in the evolution of the Internet, from an academic research tool to the enabler of commerce, freedom, and prosperity.

Speaking on the occasion, Shehzaad Nakhoda said,

“From its initial founding to now, VentureDive has sought to blaze the trail in Pakistan in building teams of people who thrive on solving big problems using software. I have been lucky enough to have been part of that journey as a founder and advisor. Now I get to jump in and immerse myself in helping the teams at VentureDive solve tough technology problems, while never losing sight of why we do all this cool stuff – to serve our customers, and their customers, and through that process, make the world a better place.”

Shakir Maniya, a technologist by profession and an entrepreneur at heart has more than thirteen years of experience within the fields of business and technical management. His prior experience includes working for organizations such as SMWL, Favored Solutions and 10Pearls.

Shakir speaking on the occasion said,

“I am excited to join the VentureDive family and begin this journey. Digital disruption and digital transformation are going to be the key for business success moving forward, and VentureDive is leading on that front with successes like Careem and VistaJet. I am looking forward to help expand this sphere of success to businesses around the globe through the great team at VentureDive.”

VentureDive CEO Atif Azim commenting on the new appointments said that since their inception, VentureDive’s goal has been to create an organization that can impact people’s lives and improve them for the better. He said that,

As two of the most respected and seasoned professionals, Shehzaad and Shakir’s knowledge and expertise will no doubt play a significant role in helping to achieve our ambitions. Both of them are excellent additions to our amazing team and we’re excited about our future together.”