Venture Capital Association of Pakistan

Rabeel Warraich, Founder and Chief Executive Officer Sarmayacar, delivered a talk “Founder Traits that Attract Capital” at The Nest I/O’s 021Disrupt Conference. Following his presentation, Rabeel announced the launch of Venture Capital Association of Pakistan. An association built in collaboration with key stakeholders of the industry, comprising of accredited individuals and firms investing in Pakistan’s venture capital space.

Founding members of the VCAP include 12 venture capital companies:

Sarmayacar, Tharros, Invest2Innovate Ventures, Fatima Gobi Ventures, Magnus Communications, Lakson Investment Venture Capital, 47 Ventures, CresVentures, Karavan, TPL e-Ventures, Kingsway Capital and Indus Valley Capital.

VCAP has been established with the aim to:

• Provide a platform to facilitate knowledge sharing in and about the ecosystem
• Advocate for improvements in the regulatory framework
• Collect and publish industry data, studies, guides, and best practices
• Organize events and workshops

As expected, there are some great ecosystem developments and announcements coming in from 021Disrupt conference. Stay tuned for more!