A Peek Into Pakistan’s First Hand-Drawn Animation Film Prelude by Usman Riaz



Photograph by Macworld Pakistan at the first Mano Animation Studio in Karachi.

The youngest TED Senior Fellow ever, Usman Riaz earlier in 2016 successfully raised $116,000 on his Kickstarter Campaign to follow his passion and work on Pakistan’s first hand-drawn animated movie in Urdu. This was the highest ever Kickstarter funding raised by any Pakistani.

The film titled ‘The Glassworker’ is a story about Vincent (the glassmaker) and his regular customer/violinist, Alliz and their developing years as life gets more complicated and inhibits their relationship. The story is to be a comment on the effects of war on children and just explore the bond between the two main characters.

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After two years of extreme hard work and dedication Usman Riaz and his team at Mano Animations have managed to release a promo of the movie.

Speaking to Macworld Pakistan in an interview earlier on, Usman said,

we use a combination of technology to bring the film to life, what we are doing is we are working on the Cintiq and just eliminating the scanning process altogether. So it is drawn directly into the computer but still has that same aesthetic as it’s drawn on paper, for the animation process we use that.”

However, according to Usman he himself uses an iPad Pro where he draws everything including the test animations. Commenting on the work that is happening at the studio, he added,

I would like Mano to make a statement that we are capable of producing beautiful art and animated films as well.”

You can watch the magical promo here on Youtube.