US2PK; A Convenient Channel For International Deliveries



International Delivery Channels have proven to be quite a hassle for users wanting to ship supplies or valuable to another country. Plagued with hefty taxes around the entire sector, people opt for finding cheaper alternates that could make this task easier and more secure. Pakistan specifically, has a multitude of platforms and promotions which can deliver internationally. What has set these companies apart is how they have branded their company and image. One of the most successful companies in this criterion is US2PK.

US2PK is a private firm that has been delivering packages from the United States to Pakistan for over 4 years now. Established in 2013, it is owned by the Paradise Ecommerce Solutions [PES]. Paradise Group is well established group which owns other companies which have links in courier services such as Paradise Subscription Agency and Paradise Courier & Logistics. They also played a key role in establishing Overseas Courier Service (OCS) in Pakistan.

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What makes US2PK all the more special is with how they have demonetized their costs for their shipment. The owners have critically analyzed how certain states differ in terms of their policies and hence they operation in Delaware, USA. Delaware is a tax-free state hence it radically reduces the costs of the shipment. After registering an account on their website, the user shops from widely recognized US Stores such as ebay or Amazon.

The shipment is first delivered to the offices at Delaware, where they are then shipped to the customer’s address in Pakistan. An added feature is that they offer the service to track one’s shipment while the payment has been made and offers numerous updates while the package is being transported to their various offices.

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According to a multitude of reviews online, US2PK has been known to provide their deliveries on time and the packages are delivered to the customer’s house. For a company that operates nationwide, they have been receiving praises throughout the country.


Image source: US2Pk