The US Embassy Entrepreneurship Speaker Series Sponsors Pakistani Entrepreneurs for Training

American entrepreneur Dr. Andrew Scheuermann in Islamabad gave a series of presentation to young Pakistani entrepreneurs about raising and managing funds for their entrepreneurial ventures. The American Embassy through the 2017 Entrepreneurship Speaker Series sponsored Dr. Sceuermann’s tri-city visit.

He spoke to a large audience at the Islamabad Women’s Chamber of Commerce & Industry and the Beacon National University, where he shared his experiences where he helped American entrepreneurs collectively raise over $2 billion for their enterprises through the StartX community, and his experience in founding Arch Systems, a sensing automation company.

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According to a local newspaper, Dr Scheuermann said

“The Pakistani entrepreneurs and students I met this week have infectious energy and innovative business ideas to bring to the market. I hope they will benefit from our strategic discussions on start-up finance and fundraising. This generation has the opportunity to dramatically expand the Pakistani start-up ecosystem both here and abroad”

The US Embassy Entrepreneurship Speaker Series also has sponsored additional programs to support Pakistani entrepreneurs that are focused on topics such as marketing, intellectual property rights, and the dos and don’ts of starting a business.

The United States Agency for International Development’s Pakistan Private Investment Initiative is also to make over $100 million in equity capital available to Pakistan’s dynamic and fast-growing small-and medium-sized businesses. Also other US Embassy programs are to assist Pakistani entrepreneurs by increasing their access to financial resources, supporting opportunities for entrepreneurship education, and nurturing an entrepreneurial culture.

Source: The Nation