US Ambassador Speaks @ GEW 2017 – Pakistan Can Become Knowledge Hub in the Region

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Category: Computer World
Date: 20th November 2017
Author: Mahnoor Shah
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At the National Entrepreneurship Month and Global Entrepreneurship Week that was celebrated on Friday, the Brand Ambassador for the United States of America David Hale speaking on the occasion said that governments come and go but the ties between the people are much stronger be in terms of education or business.

The theme of the summit was “Women First, Prosperity for All”. US has been on a mission to promote women entrepreneurship in Pakistan through a variety of programs such as the WECREATE Centre in Islamabad, Pakistan’s first co-working space; Women Can Do, a series of skill-building seminars for about 4,000 young Pakistani women; and exchange programs such as the TechWomen, which have been attended by 10 Pakistani women in San Francisco, California.

Speaking at the reception he also said, individual entrepreneurs would be able to realize their goals, create jobs and most importantly ensure economic security and stability for Pakistan. The Global Entrepreneurship Network Pakistan gave the Ambassador an award in recognition of the mission’s efforts to energize and expand Pakistan’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.

The Ambassador also praised the strong entrepreneurial traditions that are shared by Pakistan and the US. Furthermore, welcoming the Pakistani delegates that are to participate in the Global Entrepreneurship Summit in Hyderabad India on the 28th – 30th November, he said that Pakistan can be the knowledge hub in the region.