UN Women Madadgar National Helpline for Violence


In order to help women and children of Pakistan who are suffering from violence, abuse and exploitation, UN Women Pakistan has set up a Madadgar National Helpline. This helpline is to serve as Pakistan’s first telephonic aid service that will work at a preventive and protection level.

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The service is to provide counseling services whether via telephone, face to face, or virtual. Furthermore, the helpline will also help victims with regards to crisis intervention, legal aid, and referral services.

This step has come as a welcome step to curb gender based violence and helps the women and children towards a better future. Founder of Madadgar National Helpline Zia Ahmed Awan speaking to the local news reported that the helpline assisted 10,976 women and children were in the year 2016-17.

The helpline number is: 1099

Image: UN Women