UBL Funds Launches UBL Capital Protected Fund-III

UBL Fund Managers Limited (UBL Funds) announced the launch of UBL Capital Protected Fund-III.

This open-end capital protected scheme offers an ideal investment opportunity for those wanting to earn competitive returns on their investments while remaining protected from erosion of initial investment amount.

UBL Capital Protected Fund-III (UCPF-III) offers concrete capital protection by dividing a client’s investment into two portions: the ‘capital protected segment’ and the ‘growth segment’.

The capital protected segment is comprised of the major portion of principal which is placed with a credible bank (minimum AA- rated), while the growth segment offers potential capital gains through limited exposure (capped at 15%) to equities.

This portfolio is managed by a professional team of fund managers at UBL Funds, who will use their expertise and experience to identify growth opportunities for investors of UCPF-III.

Speaking of UCPF-III, Mr. YasirQadri, CEO UBL Funds, stated, “UBL Capital Protected Fund-III aims to ensure 100% capital protection while a portion of the assets under management in the Fund will be invested in securities that offer growth to generate attractive potential returns – mainly equities.”

He added, “This Fund is ideal for those clients who are still hesitant to invest in stocks. The equity market will seem unpredictable to the lay person, especially when compared to other avenues of investments such as bonds and securities, hence UCPF-III is ideal for low or non-risk takers who want equity flavor to add a positive kicker in their investment portfolios with mitigation of downside risk.”

UCPF-III aims to earn a potentially high return over the long-term, as the life of the Fund is 3 years. It offers a number of attractive features to its investors, including comprehensive capital protection with up to 15% equity exposure for growth.

Investors may invest with as low as PKR 10,000 and, with an Initial Maturity of 3 years, UCPF-III is ideal for availing tax credit as well.