The New Craze in Town – Ludo Star

Every one of us has grown up playing a board game called Ludo. Friendships and relationships with our loved ones have constantly under fire because of this one particular board game when played at a get together. But with the advent of technology and almost everyone having smartphones everyone’s favorite board game has become a much loved app.

Yes folks, we are talking about Ludo Star, the game that has everyone quoting stuff such as ‘I will eat you’ to ‘today is my day’ etc.

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Ludo Star is created by the Indian game developers Gameberry Labs, and has certainly taken everyone by storm. As everyone is playing it and it certainly is addictive. The app uses the same coloured houses, single dice and similar dynamics as the board game, and one can easily play it with their friends and family even if they are far away.

Although the one difference from the board game is that you can use gems to retry a turn meaning you can have another try at the dice if you don’t like the number you got on a turn. There are three different modes one can play i.e. Classic, Quick and Master. Each mode has its own set of rules, and you can also team up and play with friends.

The game requires internet or 3G to play, however if you are disconnected from the internet temporarily while playing the game goes into auto, and roles the virtual dice for you and plays your turn.

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To play the game you have to connect either with Facebook or play as a guest. You can even change your name and icon by clicking on the little icon of yourself at the top right corner on the lobby.

In the past few weeks however people have complained about being abused by people while playing the game, as the game also lets you play with random individuals. Although the game has a block option, that lets you play the game without receiving messages from the individual.

The app is available on both Android and iOS.