The Nest I/O Welcomes Seventh Cohort


The Nest I/O is proud to introduce its latest cohort of 20 startups working in areas as diverse as Education, Technology, Healthcare, and Lifestyle. This is the 7th batch of startups being incubated at The Nest I/O where they will receive the support needed to turn their ideas into a scalable business.




This new batch of budding entrepreneurs at The Nest I/O are working on a variety of products and services that will not only change but also revolutionize business as we know it. From customer validation and market fit to coming up with a business model and effectively penetrating the market, the startups will be trained and assisted to launch and grow their future business ventures during their incubation at The Nest I/O.


During the four month period, the startups will also be attending various sessions with keynote speakers, participating in team building activities, perfecting and improving skillsets, having one-on-one focused mentoring sessions with industry experts and try out assumptions prior to launching their businesses. The Nest I/O provides a safe and creative space for startups to validate their business ideas and turn them into viable business models. It also provides them with free space and resources where they can interact with peers, learn, experience and start developing their own networks.


With this seventh batch on its way, the total number of incubated startups is now around 137 out of which an increasing number of co-founders are women. In Batch 7 alone, 8 of the 20 startups incubated are founded by female entrepreneurs.