Tête-à-Tech with E-Elle’s: MITEF, PlanX Director Celebrates IWD 2017 with IDG!

Hafsa Shorish Director MITEF/PlanX, projects of the Punjab IT Board, shares her experiences with IDG, as we celebrate women in the technology industry on the occasion of International Women’s Day 2017!

Speaking to IDG Pakistan she said,

I have learnt and evolved significantly as a person over the last four years. I haven’t come across many women leaders as my mentor, but I have met with incredible people of both genders who have been kind enough to share their phenomenal stories of struggle and perseverance. I have always been open to learning from anyone and everyone; it only helps me channel this amazing energy and good vibes!

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Leadership comes naturally to women and we should never feel intimated by our own strengths. We must celebrate our professional successes as much as we celebrate our personal ones. We must also encourage and enable more young girls to come forward and be a part of the workforce. One of the greatest journeys in life is defeating and beating our own and other people’s insecurities through the impact we create because of our work.”