Terrabiz Launches Execution Agility Seminar

TerraBiz is one of the most trusted executive education and corporate event producer companies in Pakistan. TerraBiz Group creates, develops, plans, administers, and executes business events in Pakistan. It organizes on-site and in-house training workshops, trainings, seminars, and conferences. The company also builds and manages exhibitions and displays, including road shows and home shows. As they strive to incorporate the newest technological advances into their methods, they have realized that leaders need to implement plans quickly in order to maximize profits and capturing innovative products and leveraging their marketing opportunities. Hence, they are launching the Execution Agility Seminar this week.

The Execution Agility Seminar is a seminar which is made for leaders who want to be more competitive and drive their business forward at a faster pace. The Seminar is taking place on the 28th of March 2018 at the Pearl Continental Hotel in Karachi. This seminar aims for leaders to leverage their excellence in execution as competitive differentiator. This seminar will discuss challenges currently faced by leaders in this industry and hence will discuss and apply how to deal with these critical areas of concern; and executing them efficiently. The attendees of these sessions will learn from an expert in this field who will go over execution strategy of a fictitious company and the conversation will dwell into discussions based on the preference of the audience. They will also offer video and paired based exercises which will go over mini case studies as well that is based on the ‘Excellence in Execution- How to Implement Your Strategy’ which is a book written by Robin Speculand who is also the expert in this seminar.

The Seminar is made for individuals who might be General Managers who head business units or executives who looking for new ideas for their own business. This is also for executives who have direct control of budgets and other resources which includes individuals such as leaders of major project teams. The expert for this course is Robin Speculand who is a Global Pioneer and is an expert in Strategy Implementation. He is also the founder and CEO of Bridges Business Consultancy Inc. The seminar will also consist of subject areas such as execution philosophy, execution juxtaposition, execution lightning discussions and future plan of actions for organizations.