Telenor Hosts Corporate Leaders to Discuss Business Challenges of the Digital Age

Telenor Pakistan in association with Corporate Pakistan Group (CPG), a coalition of corporate leaders, hosted an exclusive forum led by Stephen Brobst, the global Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Teradata Corporation, on digitization & leadership in the digital age. The session was in line with Telenor Pakistan’s emphasis on becoming a hub of leadership, innovation and collaboration.

The event was held at Telenor Pakistan’s new flagship campus 345, and was attended by over 100 participants including 50 business and technology leaders, parliamentarians, senior ministry officials and entrepreneurs.

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The talk shed light on the crucial role data & analytics have started to play in a business’ success and survival in the recent times. Building on the premise that global business investments in Data & Analytics (D&A) will surpass $200 billion a year by 2020, the talk ventured to answer such fundamental questions as: What are the new business best practices? How do you integrate D&A into your organization’s DNA? How can big problems be solved by big data? How are the fortune 500 businesses exploiting the data opportunity?

Mr. Irfan Wahab Khan, CEO, Telenor Pakistan, spoke to the gathering about technology and innovation with examples of how Telenor has transitioned into Pakistan’s primary digital lifestyle partner by making innovation a part of its working culture.

Mr. Naeem Zamindar, Chairman, Board of Investment (BOI), also spoke on the importance of learning what investors think about opportunities in Pakistan and how to capitalize on that insight.

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Senator Mushahid Hussain Syed at the closing emphasized on the role of international investment in Pakistan’s growing tech market and overall economy, highlighting the government’s eagerness in adopting technology solutions.

The keynote speaker, Mr. Stephen Brobst, shared his experience working with leading Fortune 500 companies across the world and on data challenges which keeps the best CEOs up at night.

Mr. Brobst also told the audience how the companies who are resistant to this change will eventually cease to be relevant and that demise may not be much far. According to him, data was the key to success and survival for all industries and will redefine the way of doing business in today’s new age.

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The event provided participants with leading opinions and opportunity to meet international dignitaries, movers and shakers of the local business scene and Telenor management. The pool of industry leaders shared best practices from the Silicon Valley and Pakistan with the participants, indulging them in insightful discussions on innovation, governance, and leadership in the data age with real-life examples and case studies.