Telenor Pakistan Hackathon 2018 on ‘Responsible Business’

For thirty six hours of core programming sessions, starting from 11th May 2018 to 14thMay, 2018, that is exactly the attitude a determined assemblage will embrace. With Telenor Pakistan’s first ever Hackathon, innovation, hard work and determination will open the doors to a multitude of avenues for university students, graduates and professionals.

Telenor Pakistan is inviting dreamers from all walks of life to come together and tackle problems of the future.

To kick things off, Telenor Pakistan has themed the event after its ‘Responsible Business’ initiative and is encouraging participants to submit problem statements that fall under one, or overlap between many of the UNDP’s Sustainable Development Goals. More details on the goals can be found on the UNDP website.

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36-Hour Haul

Once the problem statement has been submitted, shortlisted teams will be invited to Telenor’s 345 Campus to charge up the atmosphere, translate their solutions to code for 36 hours (including opening and closing ceremonies) and make their ideas see the light of day.

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Perks of Participation

Other than Telenor Pakistan’s state-of-the-art campus, its plentiful resources and the opportunity to network with the coolest bunch of techies you will meet, here’s what you can look forward to:

  • Coaching from industry leaders & experts: A word of advice from people who have insights into the future of the technology industry and what companies and individuals must do to remain relevant.
  • First prize: PKR 100,000
  • Second prize: PKR 70,000
  • Third prize: PKR 50,000
  • A chance to be inducted in the Telenor Growth Board

Registration for the event was purely based on an idea that must fall within the listed 17 categories, forming a team that shares the same and then using one of the links that is applicable for either you as a student, or as a professional.

A team from Telenor Pakistan is actively visiting universities all over the twin cities to encourage students to participate and disseminate information regarding Telenor and the event.

Programming is the 21st century’s definition of literacy. It is the embodiment of creativity and critical thinking that will enable us to solve the problems of the future. All these factors combined beget a breed of professionals that will write the future. Apply now to be a part of it!

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