Tech Leaders @ 2018: Ahsan Mashkoor Talks CX and AI

Ahsan Mashkoor : Customer Experience Management in Light of the Digital Revolution


The tertiary sector is heavily dependent on customer interaction, and what is now being called the “knowledge economy”. So what is the knowledge economy? It is a business’s ability to surpass competitors by understanding what customers need and want, and consequently operating in a way that meets those needs and wants, at a minimal cost.

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As part of our ongoing Tech Leaders @ 2018 series, we spoke to Ahsan Mashkoor, CEO C-Square Consulting. Looking back at 2017, he said:

We have gained phenomenal market insights and trends in 2017, and these will have a profound impact on businesses, in the years to come. The year 2017 has really set the tone for the future, and has solidified the direction that the market eco-system is heading towards. The adoption of Cloud by businesses, will keep increasing due to the flexibility it offers, and it will highly compliment systems integrators and technologists. 2018 will also see a renewed focus on Customer Experience Management, and using existing data stores, and analytics, to bring innovation to existing portfolio and services.

Speaking about 2018, Ahsan Mashkoor said that “A big trend will be Digital Engagement via alternate service channels, and these will be adopted to service customers in a more seamless and efficient fashion.

Talking AI

In his opinion, the introduction of automated bots will increase, thus enabling businesses to keep their costs low by cutting down labor costs. Another continuing trend to look out for is the shift from conventional service centers to more digital oriented service centers, with the help of Self Service Kiosks. Lastly, we will see AI being used for automated customer services and transactions, once again cutting costs by reducing dependence on workers.

C Square Consulting is an award winning, customer centric organization, that specializes in IT consulting solutions, such as Customer Experience Management, Digital Engagement, Self Service and Automation via Bots. They have been operating in Pakistan, Middle East and Africa since 2009.