Tech Leaders @ 2018: Talking Fourth Industrial Revolution with Umair Azam


Tech Leaders @ 2018: Talking Fourth Industrial Revolution with Umair Azam

Umair Azam is the Founder & Managing Partner at Integration Experts, a company that builds the IT and operational capabilities of businesses and helps them achieve strategic objectives. They focus on the three most important pillars of Digital Economy in the modern age: Cloud, Mobility, and Big Data & IOT.

We asked Umair Azam what his organization’s biggest takeaway from 2017 was? And what were the key trends, challenges, and opportunities that may impact and influence the Integration Experts’ strategy in 2018?

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UA: Since it was our first year of operations, the most important takeaway for us was to structure the unstructured data which is being produced across multiple industry verticals. The fourth Industrial Revolution is around data utilization, and whoever cracks this code will be able to not only sustain but grow many folds.

As a technology player we are also very happy to see customers’ readiness on adopting new technological trends such as Cloud, Big Data, AI and machine learning to improve their operations, viability and their experience.

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Blockchain, AI, IoT and Machine Learning are all trends we see for 2018. We are making all our investments in four verticals: banking/ payments, retail, distribution and logistics. We feel these verticals across the emerging markets are going to keep growing at a phenomenal pace.