Tech Leaders @ 2018: Textiles & Technology

Tech Leaders @ 2018: Textiles & Technology. A Chat with CIO Rajby Industries

Mobeen Aslam is Group GM IT at Rajby Industries, which is one of the leading players in the Denim Textile and Apparel industry in Pakistan, with significant presence all across the world. Rajby has a vertically integrated set-up that covers the entire process from manufacturing of the fabric to completion of garments. The combination of quality cotton, cutting edge technology, and skilled and seasoned workers ensures that the production processes and the apparel produced meets international standards.

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The biggest takeaway from 2017 was the requirement of a clear strategy across the board so business objectives can be achieved.

Mr. Aslam believes political and economic issues including change in global business and IT dynamics, pricing strategy, supply chain complexity, risk of labor exploitation, local and foreign trade policies are all a part of the trends, challenges and opportunities that will impact and influence Rajby’s business strategy in 2018.

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