Tech Leaders @ 2018: Co-Founder HomeChef Abbas Akhtar

In conversation with Co-Founder HomeChef, Abbas Akhtar 

Pakistan’s favorite pastime, besides watching and playing cricket, seems to be eating out. Thanks to technology and entrepreneurship, we have a gamut of apps that let us order in but there are of course, some market leaders way ahead in their league. HomeChef is one such app; a meal delivery service, that according to its website connects foodies with talented cooks, bakers and caterers, giving them access to delicious homemade meals that are delivered right to the customer’s doorstep. The HomeChef app offers weekly subscription packages for those who find it convenient to pay once and set their fixed delivery times for their offices through their week. The app is available on Google Play Store as well as the App Store.

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In our Annual Tech Roundup, we ask industry leaders to share insights gleaned from 2017, and strategies for a successful 2018. In conversation with Abbas Akhtar, CoFounder of HomeChef, and a former Software Engineer at Apple and Google, we learn more about HomeChef’s biggest takeaway from 2017.

The biggest takeaway has been the reinforcement of the idea that it is the calibre of people, at key positions, that make or break organizations. Hiring good people is challenging, especially in Pakistan, but it should remain any organization’s #1 focus.”

Looking at 2018, Abbas adds, “The move to digital will further accelerate in 2018. Having a viable online presence will be critical. Furthermore, people will want convenience where they are, when they want it. That is why we project that last mile logistics will grow at a faster pace in 2018.”

Sharing success stories, Abbas humbly speaks of this indigenous platform built to enable small size or home based businesses. “We have successfully launched our complete HomeChef platform including iOS and Android in 2017. This is one of the most comprehensive and completely indigenous platforms born out of Pakistan,” he said.


Interview conducted/edited by: IDG