Tech History – Netscape Browser Discontinued About 10 Years Back


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Date: 7th March 2018

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Author: Mahnoor Shah

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Meta description: The history of the Netscape browser what happened and how.


Netscape browsers was one of the earliest internet browsers and was one of the most dominant browsers in terms of usage shares being the first commercial web browser, largely responsible for helping popularize the Internet in the mid-1990’s but with the first browser war it lost its shares to Internet Explorer.


Furthermore, on the 2nd of March 1997 Bill Gate during a hearing on Microsoft’s alleged antitrust activities admitted that Microsoft’s contracts bar Internet content providers from promoting Netscape’s browser. This caused Internet Explorer to dominate the web browser market as it was shipped for free with every copy of Windows.


Fast forward to 1st March 2008, American Online discontinued Netscape Browser. However, the computer code for Netscape still lives on as the basis of the Mozilla Firefox browser project, which continues to gain popularity to this day.