Tech History – What Happened Today?


The past century or so we have seen some pretty rapid changes in technology, the internet as we see and use it today did not exist a couple of decades back and certainly what we deem to the latest in tech today will be outdated and replaced by something newer and better.

Taking a look at all things tech and here is a bit interesting things that happened in tech history. Many great things and accomplishment if you can call them took place on the 3rd of December. Some of these include:

  1. On 3rd December 1992, the first text message ever was sent on Vodafone’s UK network from a PC to a mobile device with the message “Merry Christmas.” According to, the reluctant father of SMS Matti Makkonen had suggested this idea back in 1984 at a telecommunications conference. Yet SMS didn’t come to life until engineers incorporated it as part of their work on the then-budding GSM standard.
  2. On this date, another major movement took its root, i.e. Sony, launched their PlayStation console in 1994 that made gaming mainstream. Before this however, the gaming console industry was led by Nintendo and Saga that largely concentrated on teenagers and kids.
  3. Another major thing that happened on the 3rd of December but year 1999 was that NASA lost contact with the Mars Polar Lander moments before the spacecraft entered the Martian atmosphere.
  4. On this day again in 2001, the world saw a new invention in the technology world when Inventor Dean Kamen unveiled a secret project with the codename “Ginger” that Steve Jobs reportedly said would cause cities to be re-architected. The Segway motorized device allows passengers to travel at up to 20 km (12.5 miles) per hour.