TDAP To Launch IT Tower in Karachi, Renovate Expo Center

Trade Development Authority of Pakistan (TDAP) works under the Government of Pakistan and Ministry of Commerce and Textile Industry which monitors international trade within the country. The TDAP is responsible of aggravating growth within the trade sector in the country and looks for measures to facilitate its growth. As they bring forth policies to further stimulate growth, they have recently announced the launch of an IT Tower in Karachi.

The announcement took place at a special ceremony that was held on the 31st of May at the Karachi Expo Center. The ceremony was spearheaded by the Secretary of Commerce, Mohammad Younus Dagha, who placed the founding stone to the tower.

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According to statements made in the ceremony, the planned tower is supposed to be 21 floors long and is done to also compliment the overall expansion of the Karachi Expo Center in this endeavor. Since the Expo Center is situated near the center of the city, the tower will be situated at the optimal spot for which development has already taken place which has been designed by the National Engineering Services Pakistan (NESPAK).

According to an interview done by TechJuice, Shafqatullah Siddiqui (the Director of Expo Center) went on to highlight the plans of the IT tower as:

“Karachi is the not only the hub of business but it is an international city. In recent times, we are experiencing investment coming in and CPEC projects are also being kicked off. Therefore, it had become a dire need for Karachi to have a mega-tower for major business activities.”

The TDAP project has been allotted PKR 8 billion for the Public Sector Development Program (PSDP). This includes the demolishment if the current halls of Expo Center with 9 newly revamped halls and a convention center. Additionally, more construction includes a parking plaza and new offices for the TDAP.

Projects such as these will be home to more investment and more room for improvement for the local IT industry of Pakistan. This was highlighted by the Memorandum of Understanding signed by the Pakistan Software Houses Association and TDAP to establish local IT industries in the IT tower. Overall, the TDAP IT Tower will provide a modern location for tech related companies to not only host important events, but also provide more partnerships within businesses which will further grow the IT industry in the country.