Breakthrough77: Systems Ltd. Launches EdTech Initiative

With the growth of startups and entrepreneurs in the country, the sector has severely needed the growth of technology experts and professionals that can drive these businesses forward. These professionals need to have an in-depth understanding of enterprise applications, user experience, and cloud platforms. In an effort to growth the industry even more and improve the culture of technology professionals, Systems Limited has launched a tech-related education initiative known as Breakthrough77.

Breakthrough77 was a carefully planned educational program that was specifically designed to give students, fresh graduates, and budding professionals access to high-quality, innovative and in-demand technical courses. This program allows to budding learners to improve their skillset and give them subsequent opportunities in the industry and their organization.

What learners get from this program is that it allows an accelerated career growth for these technology experts as they seek to develop their technical skills and build their base in leading digital technologies. In order to register for the course, one needs to pay PKR 7000 per course. Moreover, participants need not require any existing experience with the ASP NET platform, but they need to know of C#. One can register through this link.

They aim to offer courses from a wide range of solutions and softwares. This primarily includes improving their skillset in learning to use and develop Microsoft Azure Solutions. This allows them to learn how to enhance their working of the currently used web application softwares and shift them to Azure for greater use through a well-thorough cloud-based solution and even preparation for the 70-532: Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions Certification Exam.

The other course focuses on the introduction to ERP Development in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations as it goes over the fundamentals and core processes of ERP systems, alongside learning to build forms, tables and reports in Dynamics 365. Finally, the program will cover all aspects of Design Thinking which would go over the creative process of designs as the participants will go over the prototyping and developing techniques to solve real-world problems.