Swvl Launch Initiatives To Support Community Through Crowdfunding

Swvl is an Egyptian bus transportation network company based in Cairo, with operations in more than five countries such as Pakistan. It operates buses along fixed routes and allows customers to reserve and pay for them using an app. Founded in April 2017 by Mostafa Kandil, the app-based mass transit service has also been severely affected by the ongoing pandemic. They have recently announced their support towards the ones that have also been affected by Covid-19 through a Crowdfunding initiative.

The Swvl crowdfunding initiative is known as ‘SwvlKaySaath’ and was launched to support those who have been most affected by the lockdown and at the same time, reduce the spread of coronavirus. This program aims to work to firstly focus on providing knowledge and education on the virus with a focus on stressing the preventive measures to make sure the virus doesn’t spread. The other focus is towards raising funding for donations and collection to support those that are vulnerable to the crisis.

Swvl has also gone on to set up and launch a first response awareness campaign to educate captains and their families about the grave and severe consequences of the virus and ensure they are up following the recommended SOPS that are up to date with the WHO-recommended hygiene protocols. One of the side goals of this service is to also provide support to the captains struggling who have been struggling financially in this unique time and need to support their family. For this purpose, they have launched an in-house donation fund which will work under the SwvlKaySaath initiative.

Other services under the SwvlKaySaath campaign are collecting and distributing essential commodities to support Captains and their families with collaboration from the major FMCG brands. Apart from that, a free online health consultation has been going on for their Captains that works in collaboration with wellness solutions and telemedicine partners. They have also set a benchmark by providing a company-funded life insurance policy for all of their captains amidst this time. Swvl has also partnered with numerous NGOs to collect and distribute ration packs across Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad. They have currently distributed over 15,000 ration packs. Shahzeb Memon, General Manager Swvl Pakistan said: “There’s no easy way to say it. The whole ecosystem is going through a tough time but we are looking at it as an opportunity to be of service to our community”.