Tech-Ed Omni: Swat’s Largest Science Festival Concludes


On Tuesday 17thApril, the Swat Science Festival took off in Saidu Sharif, a two day event where students put up over 100 science and technology projects, focusing on solving everyday issues.

The Swat Science Festival was organized at the Khadee Hall by Udhyaana, Swat Education Department and the Pakistan Alliance for Maths and Science. The festival was inaugurated by the Malakand Division Commissioner Syed Zaheerul Islam along, Deputy Commissioner Shahid Mehmood, Assistant Commissioner Shahab Khan, Nazim Ali Shah and District Education Officer Nawab Ali.

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At the event, more than 13,500 students from over 100 government schools took part in the two-day Swat Science Festival. The event raw showcased local talent and was a part of a joint effort of Udhyaana, deputy commissioner office, the district government, Swat education department and Pakistan alliance for math and science.

At the festival the students designed their models based on solutions required to fix Swat’s urgent problems such as road infrastructure, electricity supply and water management. The Science Festival served as an opportunity to familiarize school administrations, teachers and students with unique ways to teach and understand basic science concepts in an interesting and engaging manner.

Malala Yousufzai, Nobel Prize laureate and advocate for female literacy and education, also gave a shout out on her Twitter

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At the closing, former MPA Bushra Gohar emphasized on the need for local administrators to invest more in STEM education, especially for girls and encouraged teachers and providers to help children explore various dimensions of science. Furthermore, Additional Deputy Commissioner General of Faisalabad Khalid Farooka also attended the festival where he met his counterparts in Swat and discussed inter-provincial coordination and best practices for upcoming Faisalabad Science Festival in May.