Student from Peshawar praises Pashtoon heroes in new book

A student from Peshawar takes up the job of dismantling stereotypes surrounding Pathans, by glorifying commonly praised heroes.


A 12 year old student from Peshawar has taken the internet by storm as one of the world’s youngest authors to date, with his recently published book “Pashtoon Heroes.” The boy, who identifies as Bilawal Latif takes to tearing apart the stereotypes that have been constructed around Pathans, through his narration on some of the greatest Pathan personalities.


An avid reader and history enthusiast, Latif appeared on Samaa TV’s programme Naya Din where he talked about his book with pride; “I wrote the book because I wanted to bring pride to the Pashtun people,” he said. “There is a misconception in the West that Pashtuns are illiterate and I want this thinking to end.”


Latif was born and raised in Waziristan, but had to move to Peshawar in 2014 after the spread of militancy within the territory. Such events encouraged him to write his book, which narrates the tales of great warriors, such as Ahmed Shah Abdali. Latif enunciated that it was individuals such as these who were fondly remembered by the Pashtuns.


The book was completed within three years, after a lot of research, fact checking and referencing. The seventh grader from the Army Public School in Kohat has a particular fondness for and friendship with libraries, books and evening strolls enjoying the nature, as well as biryani. When taking a breaking from studying and writing, he chooses to explore the historical sites of Peshawar, adding to his knowledge and enthusiasm.


Latif drew inspiration from his favourite writers, including Olaf Core and Ghani Khan- authors who have written vastly about Pathans. He plans to write his next book on the people of Balochistan, in an attempt to delve into the people and culture of the huge province.


Source: SAMAA TV

Author: Wardah Javaid