Star Wars Themed Laser Tag Arena Opens In Lahore



Star Wars undoubtedly has one of the biggest influences in pop-culture today. Considered to be one of the most successful franchises in its history, the Star Wars franchise redefined the way Sci-Fi was viewed by individuals of all ages and continued to inspire audiences. As companies now look to link their brand to certain pop-culture references to attract a larger audience, a Star Wars Themed Laser tag joint just launched in Lahore.

The Star Wars LaserTag arena launched in 2017 and has been an instant success. It is located on the second floor of Mall One in Main Boulevard, Near Liberty Chowk, Gulberg. Although the concept of laser tag is still relatively new in the country, the Star Wars themed LaserTag promises an enjoyable time with either friends or family.

Watch the video below showcased by Usman Tufail courtesy of Trending in Pakistan:

This is especially useful in Lahore which is predominant in eateries around the city with significantly lesser entertainment attractions. The LaserTag was made in order to add more entertainment options in the city and looked to become a major attraction in the city.

The LaserTag is managed by Funholics, a company which is renowned for operating entertainment joints and was originally established in the UK. Opened in a mall in order to make it more accessible to people and to attract a larger audience, it has garnered much praise and attention by adults and children alike.

The LaserTag offers a multitude of missions and tasks that can vary depending on the audience. The Laser Tag offers both solo missions and team missions which can be played by 20 players. In one around, a total of 4 teams can play the mission at the same time. Each mission will last for around 20-25 minutes and the total cost for a mission is RS. 500 per head. Before the start of each subsequent round, the staff members there will provide instructions on how the LaserTag arena operates and the provided rules and regulations.

Image source: Trending in Pakistan