Startup Weekend Takes on KPK this Week!

TechStars is taking over Peshawar this weekend with their premier event Startup Weekend Peshawar! 

Techstar’s Startup Weekend is a 54 hour event that brings together designers, developers, entrepreneurs, and experts all domains from Peshawar to do amazing things. Startup Weekend Peshawar is back with a bang to strengthen the entrepreneurship ecosystem in the community.

PC World Pakistan/IDG go way back with Startup Weekend Peshawar. We were the first ones to have reached out to the Peshawar 2.0 team when they kicked off this initiative in the North, and we are proud to announce the continuation of this partnership. This time as well, PC World Pakistan/IDG is Technology Media Partners for the event. This 54-hour event is to be held from the 22nd – 24th of September 2017 at Basecamp, Peshawar.

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The event is backed by the KP IT Board, and several community members from the technology ecosystem. Some of the industry leaders who are serving as mentors that are to be present at the Startup Weekend Pakistan include Syed Ahmed CEO DPL, Maryam Arshad GBG Peshawar, Muneeb Waseem Caremerge, Junaid Malik SLIDE, Saad Hamid, and Muhammad Asif, Samar Hasan and a few others.

Speaking to IDG Pakistan about the upcoming event, Salman Ahmed from the organizing team said,

Startup Weekend Peshawar is a great platform for students and professionals to share ideas, find talented team members, and convert ideas into startup businesses with the help of experts and successful entrepreneurs. This will not only create a critical mass of entrepreneurs and innovators, who can take on Peshawar (and Pakistan’s) challenges, but also create jobs and promote a healthy competition among youth.”

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Speaking about what the event means for the community itself, he said

“Startup Weekend Peshawar 2013 was one of the first tech and startup events in the city. The event attracted industry veterans like Jehan Ara and Zafar Khan to come and mentor startups. It not just created a lot of buzz in students of the city but also among the tech community of Pakistan. And it put Peshawar on the global map for tech and startups.”

He adds on to say that Startup Weekend Peshawar has proved to be the right catalyst for developing a startup community in Peshawar. In fact, a majority of the startups and entrepreneurs who are currently active in Peshawar’s startup ecosystem attended Startup Weekend Peshawar back in 2013.

Speaking about the partnership with IDG, Salman said

We are happy to partner with IDG. And we appreciate the role IDG is playing in promoting tech and startups in Pakistan. IDG was the first publication to reach out to us for Startup Weekend Peshawar 2013 as well.”

Registrations for Startup Weekend Peshawar are open till Thursday, 21st September.

Image source: SWP