Startup Huddle Comes to Pakistan: Innovation District 92


Startup Huddle is owned and operated by the Global Entrepreneurship Network (“GEN”). GEN is responsible for coordinating the global program and catalyzing local Startup Huddle events through a collection of local organizers and national partners and has landed in Pakistan due to their partnership with Innovation District.

Aimed at building and strengthening our local entrepreneurship ecosystem, Startup Huddle Lahore is all set to reach out to local entrepreneurs. On a monthly basis, entrepreneurs come together to present their startup to other members of the local ecosystem – revealing challenges and crowdsourcing solutions from audience members.

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As an entrepreneur, if you are looking to leverage the expertise and experience of other local entrepreneurs, mentors, investors and other startup champions to help you grow your startup, look no further. Application guidelines are provided and a very simple eligibility criteria includes:

o Startup must be less than 3 years old

o Must at least have a working prototype (ready to launch or already launched)

Apply right away and take the opportunity to present your idea to the top of the industry including mentors, domain experts, fellow entrepreneurs and professors who can be your best critic and finest mentors.

A basic startup huddle event caters to 2 startups, each having a time to present for 6 minutes followed by a 20 minutes discussion on the startup and crowdsourcing ideas. This is the best way to get yourself an exclusive session with the best mentors in town. Access the application here:, deadline is 14th September 2018.