STACK Partners with i2C to use their Management Platform

STACK is a company which aims to revolutionize the financial service in Pakistan. STACK is a mobile application which allows user to manage their accounts and also offers them their unique STACK Prepaid Master card. It allows the user to control their own money by providing them a more convenient alternative. STACK uses technology to help users to save their money and use it more efficiently just with the use of their cellphones. The application provides features such as tap-to-pay, automated savings, and provide notifications to give more liberty and freedom of choice to the user. In an effort to further improve their platform they have announced that they will use i2c’s application program to power STACK.

I2c inc is a company that works to provide e-commerce solutions that can be used by financial institutions, corporations and brands and governments as well. i2c is renowned for their global cloud-based platform which supports almost all forms of card payments in all formats. Hence, it is ideal for STACK to operate their service as it allows users and the company to provide prepaid solutions to various countries around the world. STACK will use the platform of i2C as their official payment processors which will secure the payments and transactions made by the STACK app and their Prepaid MasterCard facility.  This allows STACK to use the diverse and efficient platform of i2C to build and quickly scale personalized payments to their members. Hence, the users of the application will feel more secure in making payments and purchases wherever the Mastercard is accepted without any breach in security. This includes payments in both online and real-time payments.

STACK’s mission was to provide innovative and efficient solutions and to provide their customers an experience that was unlike other services and one which would secure memberships. They have done this by offering added incentives to their customers. Their member gain rewards such as real-time rewards, financial iq, and curated offers which provide a lifestyle-focused approach to financial services. The use of i2c will improve product functionality and use integrated voice response system which will improve customer relations and provide more options. As a brand improving and expanding their service, they are providing innovative solutions that undoubtedly gives their users more liberty.