Special Education: Digital Resources for Increased Accessibility and Inclusion


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Category: Computer World

Date: 30th January 2017

Author: Mahnoor Shah

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At a seminar on Digital Resource & Special Education at Karachi University, special assistant to Chief Minister on Special EducationZulfiqar Behanaddressing the crowd said that the provincial government was taking measures to make quality education and new technology accessible to people with disabilities in the province so as to groom them as useful citizens.


He also encouraged the civil society to come out and contribute, since people with disabilities are often looked down upon even though they have immense potential and talent.


Informing the crowd that the government is planning awareness campaigns in Sindhto sensitize society on the issues of disabled people and at a workshop will soon be organized in which all the stake holders and companies manufacturing devices for people with disabilities would be invited for the guidance of special persons and parents.