FAST-NU Celebrates 21st Year of the Annual IT Extravaganza

SOFTEC is a large scale IT event organized by FAST-NU Lahore Campus annually, with the aim of promoting Information Technology and all its benefits to the general public. It is an annual function taking place at FAST-NU and each year SOFTEC attracts a larger number of participants than before. It has grown bigger to the extent that it is the most anticipated, most promoted and most participated event held in FAST-NU.

This event has rooted its form in the culture of the university for the past 21 years and has become a tradition within the university’s premises. It provides a forum through with ideas can be exchanged, professional skills showcased and innovation presented. Today SOFTEC appeals to all age groups and has had 1000+ participants each year, making it one of the most exceptional events organized by the students of Pakistan. SOFTEC keeps taking additional measures to involve people of varied interests in this event and SOFTEC’17 will include additional activities to focus of on aspects of IT.

Distinguished personalities and experts of the field are invited to speak regarding the particular theme of the conference. They are also asked to share their experiences to guide and inspire participating students. These IT conferences are informational, inspirational, fun and lively and attract some of the biggest crowds.

Speaking to Knowledge & Technology Media Partner; PC World Pakistan and IDG, Nimrah Mustafa, VP Softec 2017 said:

“Being a part of the SOFTEC family and contributing to its legacy in tha capacity of a volunteer to Vice President, the past 4 years with SOFTEC have been an all-round experience you don’t get otherwise. Be it the host team, the participants or guests, academia and industry figures, there’s something to takeaway from SOFTEC. For me, it was strengthened personal competence, better professional exposure and a bundle full of memories with the best people to cherish. On behalf of Team SOFTEC I cordially invite you all to be a part of this 2 day mega celebration of science and technology at one among the best leading institutes of higher education at FAST-NU Lahore. We promise you a 21st edition of the event that lives upto its name.”

Through SOFTEC software experts also get the chance to display their products to a large number of visitors and to look for recruits from a large number of promising students from all across South Asia. SOFTEC also hosts a software exhibition that brings students from all over the world to display their software projects for formal judging by a team of experts, providing participants with valuable feedback and experience of real world evaluation benchmarks.

Multiple social activities are also planned for students every year including a musical concert. Participants can also win exciting prizes and take part in different competitions such as the web development competition. The registration fee for this competition is PKR. 2500. In this competition different teams from renowned institutes participate to test their web development skills against other students and get to know the most recent developments in the fields by the experts.

Image source: Softec