SmartCX ’18: Pakistan’s Premier Customer Experience Conference by C-Square and Genesys



Brands that are taking the lead today have learned to deploy deep customer understanding to deliver compelling and engaging experiences in the moment. However, the next generation of CX innovators are using insights that have been derived from deep customer understanding to discover new business opportunities, expand customer relationships into new verticals and revenues to grow, manifold.

We are in the era of the empowered customer, who defines customer experience on his or her own terms. These customers demand experiences that are seamless, personalized, and immediate. Is your organization prepared to deliver? It would be a massive understatement to say that the role of the CEO, CMO, CIO, CTO and COO have undergone significant changes over the past few years with roles becoming increasingly overlapping and in necessitation of fluid alignment.

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Recent research indicates that the combined force of these CXO’s, under their management board are increasingly being held responsible for growth strategies and revenue generation within their companies. It becomes even more pertinent on how to develop strategies to advance the bottom line and champion the end-to-end customer experience. This requires almost a Sun Tzu approach to leadership at all levels, where organization goals should be oriented towards elevating the perception of a brand in the customer experiential model through various channels specially with digitization as a crux to the whole.

C-Square Consulting and Genesys collaborate to bring you Pakistan’s first Customer Experience conference; a boutique ignite event that discusses the challenges in selling to the modern customer. The event will be held between 9am – 2pm on Thursday, 25th April 2018 in Karachi, and is produced by the IDG Conferences Secretariat.

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On The Agenda

The half-day event promises to cover all aspects of customer experience management, alongside demonstrations and kiosks run and led by C-Square Consulting. The host team is all set to ask some difficult questions pertaining to your organization and customer relations, here’s more on what’s on the agenda:

How to improve brand perception/penetration through digital channels? The increasing debate over brick and mortar vs. the digital arena. The challenges that organizations face as consumers slowly learn to build trust on digital channels. Improvising on the costs while simultaneously maintaining and enhancing CX. How disruptions in the supply chain have changed the future of industry – Do we see the industry 4.0? Do six sigma standards apply anymore? Where do data analytics and the cloud fit into the overall marketing and customer experience stratagem?

The event is relevant to all senior management from a variety of industry horizontals including customer experience/support/service as well as retail, consumer, innovation or digital or simply those who are the driving force for customer experience in their organization.

Joining in from the C-Square team is the Co-Founder Ahsan Mashkoor, whereas the Genesys Middle East team coming down from Dubai, UAE includes Managing Director Mohamed Afifi, Senior Solution Consultant Mohamed Keshk, and Janty Dukhgan, Solutions Consultant, Genesys Middle East.

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