Making Lahore Smart – MITEF Pakistan Brings Smart City Hackathon to Lahore



MIT Enterprise Forum – Pakistan is bringing “Smart City: The Hackathon”. This hackathon is to be Pakistan’s first-ever, large-scale hackathon with a goal of creating and starting a revolution to educate people about Smart City initiatives and making Lahore the first Smart City of Pakistan.

PC World and IDG Pakistan are proud Knowledge and Technology Media partners for this three day event. Other partners for the Hackathon include: Information Technology University and Lincoln Corners.

The Smart City Hackathon is a thoughtfully designed platform that aims to bring together, academia, industry and entrepreneurs to a single platform and offers an opportunity to students, enterprises, tech startups, entrepreneurs, and developers to share knowledge, build teams and hack for solutions.

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Speaking about the event, Team MITEF Pakistan said,

“Smart City initiatives have existed in the country at a small scale but they have been fragmented. Through Smart City: The Hackathon we aim to join the efforts of all the stake holders to launch a smart city revolution in Pakistan, which will not only make us more efficient as a nation but will also motivate more people to research and work towards smart initiatives.”

The event is to take place from 9th – 11th March at the Arfa Software Technology Park. The Hackathon is targeted towards university students and tech organizations researching and working towards solving some of our city problems though smart initiatives.

Speaking about the backing received from the industry at large, MITEF Pakistan said,

ICT industry in Pakistan has seen an exponential growth since the past few years and the country is going through a digital revolution. Organisations like Telenor have been strenuous in their efforts to make sure the country is at par with the developed nations of the world in the ICT sector.